For some time now I had some problems (small problems) with my nokia.
The bluetooth part of the phone did not work very well, and froze my phone from time to time.
But one of the most anoying thing was that my phone did not ring when the bluetooth earplug was connected to my phone.
I did not want to walk around with this earplug in my ear so I hoped a new version would correct this problem.
When I read about the new software version, it said that this problem would be gone.
So I went to Next Telecom in Roosendaal (a nokia service point) where I would them upgrade the software of my nokia.
After 30 minutes of updating my nokia software it was ready.
With *#0000# I looked what version the put in V 5.27.0 28-06-04 NHL-10.
YES ! That should be the right new version !
And what do you think happend ?
My phone starts a lot faster !
And I hear the ringtone when I use the bluetooth earplug !