The last view days I was wondering why my harddisks kept doing something when using Windows Vista. When I visited some sites I found out that Windows Vista does a lot of things to keep itself fast.  Like auto defrag my harddisk, indexing al files to speed up searching and prefetching. (a way to extend the virtual memory)

I don’t think that my harddisk likes this very mucht, I wonder if my harddisks life will shorten because of this. On many sites it says that leaving your pc on for a night will solve this problem. (Vista then will be ready indexing en prefetching e.g.) So I did… and it did not help. I think these 3 “services” are running in a visual circle. Vista defrags my Harddisk, Vista renews the file index and creates a new prefetch, and Vista defrags again…… Never ending story


I want to stop these services

Vista has everything well hidden. So  I searched the internet again and found  Vispa . (Found on InsideMicrosoft blog)

This programm is an executable (just run it, no need to install anything) that does a lot of popular registry tweaks for you, just check which one you want. Among the things it can do:

Disable Compressed Folders
Disable Windows Script Host
Disable Remote Assistance
Disable prefetch
Delete Pagefile at shutdown
Disable showing last user
Disable User Account Control
Disable Error Reporting
Disable Automatic Windows Updates
Disable Windows Defender
Disable Time Synchronization
Disable Scheduled Tasks Service
Disable RPC Locator
Disable Firewall
Disable Automatic Internet Explorer Updates
Increase Maximum Connections for IE
Open Pop-ups in new tabs
Delete Temporary files on Exit
Disable MSN Search
Disable Windows Live Search
Disable ActiveX
Disable JavaScript
Disable Phishing Filter
Disable Home Page
Disable Prompt for Default Browser
Disable Information Bar Alert
Disable Automatic License Acquisition for Windows Media Player
Disable Automatic Usage Rights Download
Don’t add Media to Library
Disable Metadata Retrieval
Disable Usage Tracking
Don’t Send Player ID To Content Providers
Disable Automatic Codec Downloads
Import music as MP3
Disable DRM for imported music
Disable Diskspace Warning
Integrate Notepad into Shell
Disable AutoRun
Disable Desktop Cleanup Wizard
Disable Task Grouping
Use Classic Start Menu
Use Classic Logon Window
Show hidden files and folders
Show all file extensions
Disable thumbnail caching
Disable Start/Exit sounds
Use Windows Classic Theme

And best of all… it is free !!!
So download an start using Vispa  !! My Vista is a lot faster now !