Well… let me tell you a story about the stolen domain name.

At first I wanted to blog on the domain-name www.iamboredsoiblog.com…. last week 17 October, I googled and searched if this domain-name was free…. and it was !

I asked my hosting provider (Altijdup2date.nl which I am reselling for) to claim this domain-name immediately. And so he did…. I think …. ?


They probably did NOT ! The ASSES. I kept waiting… and waiting for my domain to come online…. but nothing… and than suddenly….. a kind of search site was in place of where my site should be !

I looked up the whois and what do you think ? A spam company registered the domainname on 18 October, WTF ?????

So I mailed my hosting provider… (the asses, altijdup2date) for some explination…… NO Answer ! But off course…..

I pulled back my two domain-name registrations (I also wanted www.imboredsoiblog.com) and did this with a real pissed off attitude… (man I was pissed). It is not that my hosting provider (the asses, altijdup2date.nl) did not claim the domain name right away, but also that another company, (I buy all domain-names.com) claimed the domain-name the next DAY !!!!

So…. away with my hosting provider (the ass, altijdup2date.nl) I searched the net and surfed to.. www.one.com.

For just 1,50 euro I choose a package and claimed www.iamboredsoiblog.eu…. and within 2 days, (it was weekend when I ordered it) I had my domain, with mysql and php and everything…..