So…. am I really bored ?

No offcourse not, but talking to a collegue (The Muth) the other day at SAP Teched 2008 we discussed blogger.

He said that bloggers have to much time on their hands…. but I have been blogging since…. since…. well since a very long time.

And I am not bored… not at all, I blog so I can tell my thoughts, my doings and my great adventures in the big big world to you.

Some people however really blog like everything…. they use web apps like Twitter. (what I also use) . Those people, not like me blog like every 5 minutes. Great but that is a thing I really can not do… no time for that… so back to the bored statement.

Are those people bored … or do they just have to much time on their hands ? Talking about this to my Collegue The Muth, he thought up a really great internet name….. I am Bored So I Blog.

So… am I bored ….. No but I really liked the name… and as from today I will blog on this site. (and not on my “old”  site,