Well today is the last day on the SAP Teched 2008. Next week I will try to fill in the gaps between Monday and today on this site.

Off course we had to leave our lovely hotel this morning. This means I had to carry suitcase and photo back to der Berlinner Messe.

It is nice to know that I could bring my suite case to a depot. My photo-bag I wanted to keep with me so I could shoot some photo’s on the SAP Teched ’08, which I did not do by the way.

At the and of the day I had to get my suitcase before we were heading out to the train station back home.

So I walked to the depot…. and got a bit scared. Just look at the next picture and you will know why.

Fortunately I got my suitcase real fast. And I was on time to catch up with my NL4B colleagues to get to the train 😉

Wanna see more SAP Teched 2008 photo’s.