This week the SAP Teched 2008 started. I have written a little bit about this on my “old” blog, but I wanted to tell you a bit more and show you some photos.

Me and my collegues from NL4B had a room in the HotelOne Hotel in Berlin. I think this is one of the best business hotels I have ever seen. It was a new, clean hotel with a pop art touch. My room wasn’t very big but big enough to spend the night.

The room had a fresh look, with lot’s of blue (you see this blue color everywhere in the hotel) and the shower was great. It was more like a warm waterfall.

But the best off all was my digital fireplace (flatscreen TV, with dvd of fireplace in it.)

I also had a great view…. well actually not really great, but if I looked to the side I saw the big FernsehnTurm.