Today I also became member of the Synology club…. no no no….. Synology is not a religion or a movement .

Synology is a company that manufactures NAS systems.

A NAS is a Network-attached storage which is a file-level computer data storage connected to a computer network providing data access to heterogeneous network clients..

But it does more…

I have bought the DS 207 NAS from Synology. The DS207 is designed with Windows ADS authentication, USB printer sharing, dynamic website hosting, and data backup. The ultra-high-density file storing capability gives business users the freedom to store twice as much data. With the RAID 1 protection, DS207 can further prevent data loss from inevitable disaster.

In this DS 207 I have put 2 1TB maxtor green disks hoping to never get those full with data … right……..

Installing this baby is very easy within 20 minutes I had it up and running, with Bittorrent, E-mule, my HP LaserJet 6L printer, file server, webclient, mysql databases.

The only thing that did not work was the download redirector on my windows machine. It just could not find my NAS… but never fear ….. T-jo is here… so I am going to give you this tip……. download and install the latests software from the synology site. Then it works.