A collegue of mine has a Mac, a Macbook to be precise.

Everything he is telling me about it reminds me of Linux / Ubuntu.

Everything he is telling me about the Macbook I like very much.

At home I need a new PC, but Why not buy an iMac I thought.

Well first of all, it is expensive.

Off course if you look at what you get for the money it’s a bargan, but it is still expensive.

But after seeing all that great stuff you can do with a Mac, I really really really want one.

I don’t need it today, so I am going to start a Donation programm for it.

If you like my site, and I am sure you do, I am asking you to donate 1 dollar.

1 single dollar, so I only need 2400 people to come to my site and donate.

You would say that is easy right ?

I hope so, I am hoping to buy the Mac by the end of March.


So please help, and donate 1 dollar.

You can find the donation button on the right side of this screen. Scroll a bit down if you cannot see it.