Today, well actually this weekend ,the first Dutch real Business Flex application went live. Working for NL4B at the big Dutch insurance / bank  company I created a flex application to get information about insurance agents in The Netherlands from a SAP/CRM system.

The SAP / CRM backend provides the information and the Flex Application saves the new or changed data back to the SAP/CRM system.
The NL4B team worked really hard to get the complete system up and running in a short period of time. Today it finally was used for the first time by employees of the company we build this Adobe Flex Business Application for.
Up to now no big issue’s where called in so we speak of a (small) success already.
There are still a lot of wishes to make this Flex Application even better, so we hope to start Stage 2 very soon.
Like to thank some people who helped:
Mark Huisman because he helped out in the first few months on the Flex App
Jeroen Hutting  because he did a lot of great soa managing and great abap coding
Leon Boeijen because he also helped with abap coding and fixed some migration issue’s
Martin Gerritsen because he created the whole migration of the Access 2 Sap code
Caspar Laar because he kept the customer from breathing down my neck
Onno Schoenmakers because he was the Backup of Caspar Laar.
And all the others who helped out during this project.