Well, today is a big day for me. I finally moved this site from Joomla! to WordPress.

Joomla! is a full blown great Content Management System.

It is very strong at many points. It’s professional, has many many plug-ins, is fast, robust and secure.

You probably wonder why.

Well I Will tell you that in this blog.

So why did you go to WordPress you may ask.

Because I needed a blog tool, not a CMS.

Again, Joomla! is great, worked with it for many years (first mambo), hell I even sold a lot of components for it.

But, it is just to much for what I need.

I changed to wordpress because….

I want to blog from my phone, without buying a plug-in that doesn’t work for me (mail2joomla, I bought it by the way);

I want good SEF/SEO without installing a buggy (by the way great) plug-in called sh404sef;

I want to be able to blog from a tool like MS Live Writer or W-Bloggar, with all features;

I want to be able to auto upgrade without having to download and ftp upgrade files;

I want to be able to install plug-ins right from my site, without downloading zip files;

I want to be able to Tag;

I want to use good archiving;

Do I have to continue ?

Off course there are some problems when moving from Joomla! to another blog tool. I will tell you about that later.