This year I also visited the VNSG (Vereniging Nederlandstalige Sap Gebruikers) Congress at the MECC in Maastricht.

We went with 14 NL for Business colleagues and we had a great time.

Best of it all was that I actually had an active role on this year’s VNSG Congress.

The evening before the VNSG Congress started we already where at Bungalow park “Landal Kasteeldomein de Cauberg”. We went eating at a place called Ritchi’s Steakhouse. Who ordered that joint anyway ? 😉

And later that evening our General Manager Robert Eijpe gave a small kickoff pep talk about what to expect on the Congress and what we could and should tell the customers. Thank you for that Robert, that really helped me the next days.

But what I did not know was that my demo’s would be shown on our stands… so I worked till 02:00 AM to get some things right. And at 6 AM rise and shine…. hitting the shower.

At the congress NL4B had 2 stands and we also helped out at the Adobe stand, as a Partner.

Me and my colleague Jeroen Huttinga (our salty skipper) where the ones that helped at the Adobe Stand, and let me tell you

“We Rocked !”


At first we where split up into separate day parts, but we started together just to see what questions we could get and what we could expect, helping each other where needed.

But, this went so good, that we where actually flooded with customers. We where a great team ! Working together like: Laurel and Hardy, Mini and Maxy, Thelma and Louise, Peppi en Kokkie. (I was Peppi 😉 )

Even the Adobe guys noticed it. They where very happy to have us, and invited us again for next year.

It was hard work, two days from 8 AM till 6 PM (well the second day, friday till 4 PM). But with two short nights… I really needed the weekend.

I did not see many other stands except for the IBM stand where I got my Poken from. And I saw the DemoJam where two of my colleagues showed us the great SAP Real-time monitoring system.

I do have some more footage of the VNSG Congress which I will put up later today or tomorrow.