Finally !! This year (2009) I could go to the Adobe Max event. My colleagues that went last year called me like every day to tell me that is was just great to be there.

And now in 2009 I can go toooooo !! So I should be a happy person, right ?

Well, actually I am not happy.  You’ll be asking me, “ Why  aren’t you happy theo ? “.

Because there will be NO, and I’ll repeat, NO Adobe Max in Europe in 2009.


Read the following from the adobe site :

Despite the challenges presented by the economy this year, Adobe is excited to be moving forward with our largest designer/developer event Adobe MAX 2009. MAX will take place October 4-7, 2009 in Los Angeles and online. We will not hold a unique Europe event in 2009, however, we are actively exploring options to make the Los Angeles event more accessible for our worldwide community.

So…. my boss told me I could go to the Adobe Max this year…. but there is not Max in Europe. Let’s hope he can’t remember saying “the Europe version” and hopfully he’ll send me to Los Angeles.

Read more on the Adobe Max site.