So, let’s put a quick 2 days here.

Yesterday, was awake for more then 23 hours. Got up in The Netherlands at 6 AM(CET), went to sleep in LA at 5 AM(CET).  The flight was good, but long… 11 hours. But it passed quick because they gave me lot’s and lot’s of food and drinks ;-), and they showed a lot of movies (instead of 2 movies and old series, like the brochure said). (I hope they do the same on my way home as one of the movies is then….. Star Trek !)

What also surprised me in the plane was that all the beautiful female stewards, where or old, or fat or ugly. Don’t misunderstand me. They were very nice, caring and good at what they do…. but….. old, fat, ugly or a mixture. The only attractive steward on board (well bit attractive) was the male steward. But hey I am straight, so only the female passengers had all the fun.

When I arrived in LA it was almost 5PM and I arrived at my Hotel at like 5:30PM.

After arriving at the Ritz Milner Hotel I brought all my stuff to my room and went back downstairs to take a look at the city.

Well, at 8PM(LA Time) I took a shower and I dove into my Ritz Milner Hotel bed. This morning my lights came on at 4AM…. yes… no more sleep.

I looked 3 episodes of Lost and hit for the shower. Then I went down for some breakfast. The breakfast… well how shall I call it … was….. not very good. Or, I really have to get used to American breakfasts again (but the brochure says continental breakfast) or it just ain’t good.

Tomorrow I will get my breakfast at the adobe Max.

So… as you might have noticed (see post below) the first thing I did was search for a Starbucks Coffee store. Okay that is not fair, I searched for it yesterday already before hitting the bunk bed.

The coffee was great. Like we say in the Netherlands, “Alsof er een engeltje op je tong piest”.

Then I went straight for the Convention center and got my Goodies bag and my Badge with USB  necklace . Now I am ready for The Adobe MAX 2009.

For Now… I have to wait untill 1PM and…. I’ll go find another Starbucks to have another great Coffee !