A colleague of mine was worrying about me and my colleagues here eating enough.

As very body knows the big portions you get in America he was worried after seeing the small portions I had the last couple of days.

Last night we ate at the Daily Grill. We weren’t very hungry so we ordered The Childs meals.



This morging we had breakfast at Denny’s , the breakfast in the hotel is how we call it in Dutch “Ranzig” or not very nice.

So yesterday we were walking around in LA and we saw 4 cops eating, so we were thinking… that place has to be good !

And it was !

We had a :
Build Your Own Grand Slam®

Make it your own by picking any FOUR items out of our ten choices.
Eggs* (Two)
Sausage Links (Two)
Hash Browns
Bacon Strips (Two)
Pancakes (Two)
Slices of Toast (Two)
Creamy Grits
Buttermilk Buscuit
English Muffin
New premium selections
for an additional charge each.
Granola with Milk
Seasonal Fruit (selection may vary)
Slam it up!  Add additional items to your Build Your Own Grand Slam® for an additional charge.  (Limit two items.)

and 2

French Toast Slam®’s

Two thick slices of our Fabulous French Toast with two eggs*, two bacon strips and two sausage links.