Pfffff …… het heeft ff geduurt… maar eindelijk is hij binnen. De Fisheye Peleng lens. Besteld in Rusland.

The MC PELENG f3.5/8mm is a multicoated wide-angle objective lens with anti-reflection optics. It features a 180 degree visual angle thus enabling the user to register on film all the fore-hemisphere of the object space. The image received by the lens is a circle of 24mm dia.

The Peleng 8mm lens is made from the purest optical glass and features the most advanced vacuum deposited antireflection coatings. The resulting images are crisp and sharp.

This lens is produced by BeLOMO (Minsk, Belarus) – the leading producer among former USSR countries of optical systems for armoured vehicles, aerospace topographic and multizonal cameras and photogrammetric equipment.

MC PELENG parameters

Focal length, mm 8 Relative aperture 3.5 Stop range 1:3.5 – 1:16 Angle of viewfield, arc. degree 180 Resolving power, mm-1 in the center 65 on the margins 15 Minimum distance of shooting, m 0.22 Transmission ratio 0.7 Diffusion ratio 0.025 Overall dimensions, mm dia 73.5 x 65 Weight, kg 0.37


Optically this is a very sharp lens with minimal distortion. It is extremely well built, all metal and can be mounted on virtually any 35mm camera.


Manual focusing. All negatives have one distinguishing feature: the very top and bottom of the circle image are clipped off slightly. It seems that Peleng engineers designed it for the Soviet film ‘Svema’ which has 1-1.5 wider emulsion base.

Review Summary:

This is an excellent and very affordable special purpose lens at an outstanding price.