Well, as from today… or actually yesterday the Call for Adobe Speakers for Max 2010 has been opened. Off course I am going to try very hard to get into that group of Adobe Speakers. Today I have filled in the sign up questionnaire. And at this moment there is nothing more for me to do then cross my fingers. But what do I really wanna talk about on the Adobe Max 2010 ? I wanna talk about Flex and PhP. Flex, or Flash Builder has a very nice MySQL data connection wizard with Zend and PhP. But one big problem is that it is not secure. Meaning: the connection works fine, and does what it has suppose to do… but you don’t have to login when opening the Flex application. So anyone can access the data. I wanna do a session about securing the data by user name and password. With encryption of the password and auto log out after a certain period of time (when no user action is detected). So at the hands-on session I want to let the visitors build a small address application on Flex, maybe AIR and let them secure it with a log on box. I had a small poll on my site to look if my site visitors want to have a Flex & PhP session on the Adobe Max 2010. And the question was if they want me to do that. The outcome of the poll was: 59% said : Yes please and let Theo do a Hands-on Session
19% said : What is Flex / PhP or Max 2010?
15% said : Yes, in general !
7%  said : No thank you !