Well, what a surprises I had this week. First the Flex User Group Russia asked me to come to Moscow and tell Flex users in Russia about my experience with PhP and Flex. There are two conferences in Russia in May a Flex Tour Conference and a Flash Gamm Conference (12/13may). As I was very surprised and honored about this invite, there is one small problem, I cannot go. So this week I got an invite from Alexey Goncharenko from Russia to come to the Flex Tour and Flash Gamm Conferences in Moscow. I met Alexey on a Flash Builder PreRelease developers training last march in Rotterdam. As a board member of the Dutch Flex User Group he was very interested in what I did with Flex. He is also a Board Member of the Russian Flex User Group. So this week I got the real invite of hem. But…. there are two problems that keeps me from going. First not the most important is the money. They cannot afford to pay for the trip and the hotel. Now my boss is not paying for this either and me… well as tempting as it is to go to Russia, I do really wanna spend like 800 euro’s on a new Mac or Vacation that I was already planning. So, I thanked him for the opportunity and asked him to invite me next year. As I will be saving for that trip then 🙂