Well, I think many people will not know MIT.
Even worse! Some of my colleagues did not know what MIT was until we told them what MIT was. The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) is one of the most prestigioustechnical universities in the  world. The Institute is located in Cambridge(Massachusetts) and has about 10,000 students.What has been invented at MIT.

  • Ethernet (without the Internet would probably be faster with smoke signals)
  • GPS (yes, you know, TOMTOM which keeps you on track)
  • Technicolor (Technicolor films looked very monochrome)
  • Fax Machine (okay, now little old but there was a time you could not do without)
  • Spreadsheets (better known to you as Excel)
  • Spacewar (the first real computer game)
  • WORLD WIDE WEB (www or better known as INTERNET)

Now you might be wondering …. what is actually going on with MIT. Well I’ve got a piece of code are on my this site and MIT wanted to use it for one of their projects. They asked that months ago and I thought, well their not going to use that. But they have used it !!! The most prestigious technical university in the world has used my code!! And better yet …. They have made a donation of 30 euros! That may not seem like much, but it has been used in an OpenSource Game project. So …. my code is used by MIT and probably going to be used by a lot of people on this planet. The Game is not out yet, but once it does, I´ll let you know! MIT is using my code … ha ha ha … I think Iam going to ask for a raise at my JOB !!!!