The Quality Controle Theme build by Spencer Finnell is a great WordPress Theme to turn a basic WordPress install into a simple and straight-forward ticketing system. Quality Control allows users to create tickets, assign statuses, milestones, categories, and tags. Other users can then interact with the tickets, updating their state, milestone, or any other property.

Unfortunately he sold the Theme to a Commercial Company called AppThemes (see his article about this).

Before he sold this theme the theme was downloadable from this site.

Now it says on his site : “Because of this, I will no longer be offering support, and the publicly available versions have been taken down.

So at this moment you cannot get this theme from his site or on the App Themes site.

I downloaded the  theme (v1 and v2) when it was still available on this site and now a lot of people ask about it. They like to have it and I send it a lot by email to them. There are so many  “please send me the theme” questions in my mailbox that I cannot answer them anymore.

So on this page you can download the theme. I do not sell it, I do not give any support. I only ask for a little download fee to cover my server data expenses.


V1 is the original version. Download it here.

V2 is a adjusted version with some what more options (not much). Download it here.

So remember, I don’t sell this theme, I only ask for a small download fee.

You can find more information about the WordPress Quality Controle theme here (original site).