Most first time bloggers (not me at this moment) go from a service like blogger or tumblr to WordPress.

Well, that’s not my story.

I have been blogging for a long time, I bought my first domain ( in 1998. Like my first mobile phone in which I bought in 1996 people thought it was a bit crazy.

Only companies bought domains in those days people thought. But not me! No I wanted my own lastname as a domain.

As you can see on, I started my first blog in Januari 1999. In 2001 shows my blog in my own build HTML and ASP (classic, I really feel old when I say classic).

In 2003 I  radically changed the layout but I still used my own HTML and ASP techniques.

In the beginning of2004 I still used ASP but changed the layout again! But I really liked building my own CMS and use ASP with good old MS Access.

Then I wanted something different. I heard about a service which was called blogger  it seemed great in that time, but it actually was not. It lacked the freedom I had with my own build CMS and it just did not feel right.

In the beginning of 2005 I started using Mambo, what became Joomla! later. I really liked Joomla!. It was not very easy to use but it had the freedom I wanted. I could build my own components, mambots and modules. And I could give it every look I wanted. During 2006, 2007 and 2008 I used Joomla! for all my blogging.

By the end of 2008 I heard about WordPress for the first time. When I looked at it I was very impressed. It was easy to use, easy to update and blogging was fun again!

By the beginning of 2009 I had rebuild my whole site into WordPress.

The last couple of years I used WordPress with many many sites. Not only my but also this site.

But as the community got bigger, also the hackers community got bigger and they really liked WordPress. Now you don’t hear me say that WordPress is easy to hack, but if there is a way then hackers will find it.

I was hacked a couple of times and even a company called called me on my mobile phone on behalf of Apple (yes that big company) that they found a phishing url on my site and if I please could remove that.

Then you start thinking…. hmmm I really love blogging, but watching over my back every day is not really what I want. I also spend more time updating all my sites with WordPress updates and updating plugins than I blogged.

So I started searching for a service that made blogging easy. Now this really is not the way to go for a blogger.

Most of the time they start with a service like Tumblr or Posterous and after a couple of months or years they want more powerrrrrrr. So they start using Joomla! or even better WordPress.

But with power there comes responsibility!!! And that is keeping your site up to date and your visitors save!

If you really think about that… it’s kinda strange! You are standing in the pitstop waiting for the formula 1 car te arrive and start fixing what’s wrong with it. But you actually want to sit behind the wheel getting into the race!

So I searched for a good service. First I tried Posterous. Looked great but was then bought by twitter… well we all know what happend to tweetdeck…. it stopped moving.

Then I went over to Tumblr. That seemed okay but it just wasn’t it.

Well… now what I thought! And then I came back to blogger and saw a new great backend, great new themes and great new features !

And guess what, Importing my sites was like a walk in the park. And now I’m blogging again! Happy and satisfied!

So do like me, stop playing the update/upgrade mechanic and start blogging again, At!

And yes! You can use:
– Your own domain (sub domain)
– Adsense
– Analytics
– Social Media
– Build your own themes
– and much much more!