Well, I guess keeping up a blog will not keep the germs away. Not even when you write a blog post every day.

Even worse, if you write your blog in a different computer every day, I guess you have a greater risk of getting germs as keyboards are more dirty than an average toilet.

So, what am I saying with this title then?
Actually nothing, It’s just a fun way to tell everybody that I’m going to try to write a blogpost every day.

I’ve got two big blogs (one english, one dutch) and I’m going to try to at least write one blogpost on one of these two blogsites.

Even during the weekend. Well, gonna use a little trick. I don’t have time to write every day, but some days I have more time on my hands (using the pomodoro technique) and I’ll just write two blog posts and set a timer on one of them.

Like this one! This blog post will be published tomorrow, so I’m writing this in the past to be published in the future! Wow, Back to the Future deja vu!