First of all Windows is a great OS. Yes I really think so!

I have been using windows like for ages. I remember like the day of yesterday that I was installing windows 3.11 and connecting my pc to a token ring network at a friends place.

Than came windows 95, and with that same friend I installed it on my pc.

Windows became even better with version 98. Yes well then came Windows Me, let’s not talk about that.

Everybody loved Windows XP, I worked with it over more than 10 years as it saw the daylight in 2001. Then came Vista… yes…. well… not so good, and then Windows 7 which is pretty good. Haven’t tried windows 8 yet.

But why do I dislike Windows then?
It all began when Windows started to do stuff I did not like.

I’m not talking about the blue screens, that thank god did not occurred on my pc’s when I installed Windows 7. But I’m talking about the auto updates.

Why can’t I just tell windows to stop installing all Microsoft updates automatically.

So yes I’m selling my Pc to buy another Mac, I just love Mac since I really start using it. So I have to copy all my documents, photo’s and stuff to my NAS so I can sell my pc.

First of all, why is that taking like for ages? Why is copy on a Windows machine so very Slow? But nevertheless it just keeps rebooting during the process. And than I have to start the copy process again.

I’m not gonna sit and wait for the copy process to be finished so I’ll just let it be. But Windows says.. Hey, I’ve got an update … guess what! Let’s reboot!!!!

Noooooooo…. I can imagen that doing a video render that takes a couple of hours is frustrating a lot of people. Your not just gonna wait until it’s done right? But you cannot leave windows alone as it just reboots itself if you don’t click Postpone.

Well, I’m saying ByeBye to Windows anyway. I’m not a Apple fanboy (using android and love it on my Sony Arc) but I’m stopping with windows on all my other equipment.

By the way, Mac or Linux Distros will never reboot your system when doing an update.

Only when you tell them to!