So, I’ve had Google Adsense for like almost 10 years on my site. And now I’m about to removed them!

Why? Well ‘cause it did not really make me a lot of money. Since 11 nov 2012 I earned 68 euro’s, that’s about what to keep this site up and running!

I used to use Google Adsense on all my sites. I even build sites to make money with google Adsense. In the good days, I earned a bit of money with them. Just enough to buy some nice little presents for myself, my kids and my wife.

But a lot of people are doing it these days, and also people get smarter when they visit a site. People were ignorant first and just pressed those great Google Adsense, not knowing what the heck they were doing but “smarter” site visitors knew that the Google Adsense were not the links they where searching for.

Take this site. Al lot of my blog posts are about coding. And guess what…. codes know that they should not click on Google Adsense. So on this site I’m not really making any money with adsense.

Maybe I’ll put on a Donation button back again, but a lot of the google adsense ads will not come back! Maybe just in the side bar or underneath every blogpost but not as much as you are used to on this site.

On my other sites Google Adsense still works (a little), as soon as they stop making money, they’ll go offline!

I guess, Google Adsense’s days are over. Even Google sees it coming now that Mobile trafic grows more and more they are changing their advertising model.