foursquareFoursquare, I’ve been on it since 2010.

I never really liked it.

Okay, I did a lot of check-ins… but why?

And now, after 3 years I’m pulling the plug! Deleting my account! Never to go back again. (I think!)

Theo van der Sluijs Foursquare Badges

So yes, I’ve been on foursquare for 3 years. My first Check-in was on Friday July 2, 2010 · 6:40 AM. I had added my own company and did my first foursquare check-in on it!

How nice!

After that, many many check-ins came. To be exact, I did a total of 1,488 Check-ins. That could have been more, but I kept forgetting to check-in at all the places I visited.

With all those check-ins I earned a total of 26 badges!

I did not really have a lot of friends on Foursquare. 14 tot be exact. Now I’ve got over more than 150 friends on Facebook, 250 on Google+ and over 500 on Linkedin, so… I guess many people I know, don’t have a Foursquare account. But that’s not the reason I’m leaving!.

There are a few reasons why I’m leaving foursquare. The first reason is, why should or would I check-in with foursquare when I can also check-in with Google+ or Facebook, where my friends are anyway.

I mean, I take a photo, and put it through foursquare to do my check-in and than show it on facebook! But I can check-in with facebook also with the same ease! So why the foursquare check-in?

The next reason is that, Google+ just checks me in where ever I am. Or let’s me know, “Hey, it seems you’re at , do you want to check in?”. Now with foursquare I seem to forget all the time to check-in. Why does the app doesn’t have a “hey wanna check-in” feature?

And than for the main reason. The Badge and Mayor thing! I’ve been Mayor at many places and the game in it is to get your mayorship back. Now that totally freaks me out!

Theo mayors

I get stressed every time I read that some guy stole my mayorship from a place. And I don’t know even why!

At the company I work, it’s not a game anymore. No! I don’t want to take a day off, because I could lose my Mayorship. Now that’s not healthy right?!

Okay, of course I do take my days off, but when I come back the mayorship is gone!

Aaaaahhhhhhh!!! The horror!!!!!

So, I could install a app for auto checking in, but that’s not fair right?

The main question here is… why do I want a mayorship? I cannot earn extra money with it. And in The Netherlands there aren’t many places were you can get, like a free coffee when you become the mayor.

So… actually, it’s kinda useless!!!

So, yes. I will let my google+ and facebook friends know were I’m at, and check-in when it’s comes in handy.

But foursquare….. who needs it?

So I’m deleting my account now! And I’m quite happy about it! (no more Mayor stress!!!)


So is it really gone? Yes it is!

[Update : 8 july 2013]

I’m back on Foursquare!