Okay, I’ll be honest! I missed Foursquare! I deleted my account a couple of weeks ago. I really did! (read : Why I’m leaving Foursquare, and why I’m happy about it.)

But I missed it! Not the mayor part! I really hate the Mayor part. I was to busy checking if I still had the mayorships.

But I missed Foursquare to much to turn my back indefinitely!!!

So why did I missed it? I like to check in at new venue’s I’ve never been! I like to let my friends know, hey… I’m at this new Venue!

Nothing more nothing less!

In The Netherlands there’s not much going on on Foursquare when checking into a venue the first time! And I’m not around many venue’s to much to become mayor that give away a nice discount or coffee!

I actually know one venue in The Netherlands that has a gift when you check in! I work at this place 🙂 ( @bax-shop.nl )

So, I deleted my account to never come back… but I now I created a new account! And there actually was a new checkbox! (well maybe not new, but I’ve never seen it before) It said: “Let me earn Mayorships”.

So… yes I’m using foursquare again… and no I’m not going to be a Mayor ever!

No more stress when I lose a mayorship! I just use Foursquare because I like checking in into new venues, nothing more nothing less.