So you want to add a Flattr button to Ghost?

You’ve read this post Adding a Flattr button to Ghost by Jeremy Pope but it just doesn’t work?

I had the same problem!

But here’s how you can make it work!

The Wrong Way

There’s nothing really wrong with Jeremy Pope way. I guess the post is just old and the Ghost code changed.

I had all kinds of problems with this way of implementing it.

The Right Way

But actually it’s very easy to implement a Flattr button in your page

You really don’t need to know a lot of coding.

Just open up the file “post.hbs” in a notepad/texteditor and and put the following lines of code wherever you want the button to show up!

Now, don’t forget to make your changes!!

In this code change YOURFLATTRUSERNAME (user_id=) to your own username

And change language to your own language code, mine is language=nl_NL

nl_NL is for Dutch, The Netherlands

en_GB is for English, Great Britain

en_US is for English, US

That’s it!

Save the file, zip the theme and upload it to your ghost CMS!

And don’t forget to flattr this post 🙂

Did you know you can host your own Ghost blog on your own Digital Ocean server?