So…I tried to write this article in Dutch, my mother tongue, but I couldn’t. I couldn’t find the words in dutch, but I could in english, so please bare with me and keep reading in english. This article is about Linkedin endorsements and what a sham they are!

So I tried, I really really tried to write this article in dutch, but the words sham and fake and fail kept coming into my mind.

And that is what Linkedin endorsements are. A lot of them are fake! Now luckily most of my endorsements are real endorsements, just because I want to keep it clean. The written endorsement I always ask for only to contacts I really know, people I’ve worked with in a team / very close.

The skill endorsements I just get. I keep trying to keep them clean, but for now, just for once I just let it fill up with fakes. So that you can see it with your own eyes.

I wrote about these skill endorsements and them being fake, back in 2013 and it still keeps going on and on. I cannot understand why Linkedin does not take action to these fake endorsements.

Don’t know what I’m talking about?

Okay, let’s do a little time travel, without the Delorean, and take you back tot 2013 and to the present day.

Here we go!

Linkedin when the faking started

In May 2013 I wrote a article about Skill endorsement.


Endorsements on Linkedin are a sham!

Linkedin EndorsementsIt’s about that people can endorse you for a certain skill. Not just your colleague’s, not just your close friend and family no all your connections. Now, I’ve got over 1000 connections on linkedin. Don’t ask me why, that’s a whole other piece of… that I don’t want to talk about, but I got many connections. 99% of those connections I don’t really know. They just connected, I with them, or them with I (no that’s not correct english, but it sounds funny).

So there was this Linkedin gimmick that kept popping up just above people’s profile (when the counter connected party is looking at your profile) and it shows some of your skills. The person looking at you (a connection) can than just click on it and “voila” your are endorsed for that skill.

Now you could and can ask contact to endorse you with a nice story (review), but I guess a lot of people did not know what to write. So Linkedin came up with this very easy way to endorse.

There is only one big problem. You cannot select the people anymore to let endorse you for those skills. So everybody that is a connection can just….. endorse you. And so they did!

Linkedin endorsements, more faking

Then… lets go to june 2013, I talked to a guy, a connection, never met him, never talked to him, why the hell he endorsed me for some skills without even knowing who I was.

His answer was simple:

Hi Theo:

Linkedin has a box that comes up every now and then that lets you endorse 30 people or more for whatever skills they have. If you look at other people’s pages, you’ll also notice that they have a bunch of endorsements from people they don’t necessarily know. The reason why one might make the endorsement is to get listed on a lot of pages as being an endorser. If you don’t want the endorsement, you can always reject it. It’s linkedin’s policy. I’m just rolling with it.



This is why Linkedin endorsements don't mean jack anymore! Part 2

So he endorses me for a skill he does not know I have. Now I’m a IT guy, but if I would put up skills like:

  • Heart surgery
  • Brain surgery
  • Stem Cell Research

would people still endorse them?

You’ve gotta be freaking kidding me Endorsement

So… let get back to the future, to the present day, it’s may 2016 I get these endorsements from “Le Dieu“. She is Korean, or Chinese, I can’t really tell, because


and she don’t know me!

So, I just looked her up (to link her in this article) and she’s Vietnamese (sorry about that).

But guess what! Not only endorses she me for :

  • Change Management
  • Programming
  • XML
  • jQuery

No! She goes even one step further!!

She endorses me for a Skill that is not among my skill set on Linkedin!!

Your connection Le has endorsed you for a new skill or expertise. Add them to your profile and show what you’re great at.

So tell me! If one has many endorses on skill’s from connections they don’t know, what does this mean?