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I really really really had it with Wordpress.

Don’t get me wrong! Wordpress is one of the best Content Management Systems in the world. It’s easy to set up, easy to extent and easy to maintain.

Although maintaining is easy, it’s still a lot of work. You really have to keep your site up to date and allthough there are auto-update scripts they don’t always work.

So I’ve had several Wordpress sites. At a certain point I had like 4 blogs, a company site, 3 resume sites and I had to maintain them all.

Even worse, they got slow… slow because I had a lot of plugins running. Plugins that where not always maintained enough.

And when you update all but one of the plugins is broken or hackable you have a problem.

Wordpress got hacked, Ghost to expensive

So my site got hacked. I fixed it… and hacked again… and again.. and again. At a point I threw everything away and my blog looked like crap.

So I started rebuilding it and my second blog got hacked. Trust me I update when needed but with all the plugins it’s like a door standing open.

Oh yes please come in all you hackers.

So it got me thinking…. should I go from Wordpress to another CMS. And I re-found Ghost again. Ghost is great, simple it runs on nodeJS and driven by Markdown pages.

But currently a Ghost site will cost you about 18 dollars per month! Yes per month! Now I’m not a professional writer. I do it for fun… but there’s no fun in paying 18 dollars a month when you don’t really earn a lot with it. In the beginning it was 18 dollars for 3 sites. I would have payed 18 dollars for 3 but for one! Come-on! I can

And yes in the meanwhile…. Wordpress got slow again… and hacked again.

I could off course set up my own server, that I have to update, and run Ghost on it, that I have to update.

Building my Own CMS

Come on I just want to write a blog. So it happens to be that I’m a developer. I love PHP and Markdown, so why not write my own CMS. I guess every developer (web-developer) comes to a time that he or she will write a CMS.

So I also wrote my own CMS. It was clean, lean and fast. No more MySQL, just plain text based on Markdown. I called it Marky MarkDown CMS

Yes the name is based on “Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch” that was an American hip-hop group led by Mark Wahlberg in 1991

So after writing and writing and more writing code…. I still had hacked wordpress sites, that I kept on fixing, and no time to Blog.

Medium pulled the plug

As I understood that writing a good CMS is not someone can do in an afternoon I started to search for other options.

And that is where Medium came into place! It was a free (I’m willing to pay but nog 18 dollars a month), based on markdown and specially for people who wanted to blog!

I loved it! I exported some of my Wordpress articles, slammed them on Medium and even paid 75 dollars to connect my Domain itheo.nl to it.

I started writing and I loved it more and more. Medium took care of everything. The servers where updated! The service was updated. I wanted more!

So on the day I was thinking about moving all my other sites to Medium, I searched for the Domain connection page.

And it said:

Medium is no longer offering new custom domains as a feature.


So medium is no option anymore for me.

Building another CMS

So I continued writing my own CMS in PHP. After a while PHP started to bore the hell out of me. So I learned python! What a great way to code! It’s clean, it’s lean and easy to learn.

So I started to build my own CMS in Python.

Python with Django is great! It’s easy to set up, it’s fast and the “Web Server” works out of the box.

I started writing code like crazy! It became better and better along the way. And I started to create a enormous monster of a CMS.

And then it hit me! Theo, you cannot do both! You can not write and maintain CMS code (and even write other great scripts) and write blog articles.

It’s all taking to much time

So I did not want to use Wordpress nor Joomla…. was not going to pay 18 dollars for Ghost, Medium was out of the question, did not want to update systems, servers or writing code for Content Management Systems that where never going to get live.

I just want to write articles!

And then I read this article Blogging like a hacker

I also love writing. I also get a kick out of sharing my thoughts with others.

I started to use Jekyll on Github

So I am going to do what I love most! Write code and write Articles for my blog!

So I still finish my Marky MarkDown CMS. And I still be writing code. But, neither of these two should depend on the other to be able to do.