Do you want to know how long your functions take to do there job?

Or do you have multiple functions where you want to know how long they take before they are ready ? Even better do you want to keep track of multiple timers in multiple functions?

It is possible!

Acutally it is very simple to do this, just use this class:

package com.scripts   
        import flash.utils.getTimer; //import the timer    
        public class logtimer   
                public function logtimer(){   
                        //TODO: implement function   
           //some timer prep   
            public var startTime:Number;   
         public var endTime:Number;   
            //some timer functions   
            //START TIMER FUNCTION   
            public function startTimer():void {   
                // Get the time when the preinitialize event is dispatched.   
                startTime = getTimer();   
            public function endTimer():void {   
                // Get the time when the creationComplete event is dispatched.   
                endTime = getTimer();   
          public function elapsedTime():Number{   
                var totalTime:Number = endTime - startTime; //calculate the ms between   
             return totalTime; //return it !   

Here’s a little app that uses this class.

You can find the source on github!