Well there are some blogs and sites where you can find an example about paging on a datagrid or advanced datagrid.

There are also a lot of blogs about filtering on flex datagrids or flex AdvancedDatagrid.

But… there are no examples about paging AND filtering on flex Datagrids or Flex AdvancedDatagrids.

Now there is !

When I was working on a sollution for paging a big amount of information in a flex Project the people I was building it for asked me if it was possible to keep the filtering functionality in.

At first I thought it was not possible. But….. after a good evening at trying, coding and testing at home I had succes and paging and filtering on a Adobe Flex Datagrid (or AdvancedDatagrid) is possible.

There is only one big issue, on a big amount of row’s it can become slow.

Find my source code on github!