Today I was thinking, why doesnt the flex builder has the ability to show tasks like TODO and FIXME. As I was browsing thru my code of the big project I am working on at a Big financial / Insurance Company, I found some code to be obsolete.

But I was not sure about it. So I commented out the code and wanted to put a reminder there that I should remove it after testing.

But I could not use TODO or FIXME. Or can I ?

I went searching for this problem on the internet. i found out that Adobe Flex does not support TODO and FIXME (yet). I did not think my colleague’s at NL for Business would know so I started digging Google deeper and Deeper.

And then I found it ! A german Guy named Dirk (Hallo Dirk wie gehts wie stehts, danke für diese plugin, das ist wirklich ganz toll !) build a plug-in for eclipse which would do the TODO and FIXME stuff in Adobe Flex.

On his blog you can find this great plugin.

How it works: the plugin parses every MXML/AS file when opened and searches comments (both MXML and AS comments) for TODO and FIXME tokens (this search is case insensitive, so it also finds todo ). The same action takes place after a file has been saved. If a token is found, a new Task gets generated with its message set to the comment and displayed in the Task View (To open Task View choose Window →Other Views… →Basic →Tasks in Flex Builder 2 standalone and Window →Show View →Other →Basic →Tasks when running Flex Builder 2 as a plugin in Eclipse). Note: to really delete a Task you have to delete the comment — deleting a Task from the Task View does not kill the comment, so after you save the file the Task will reappear.

Installation: unzip the ZIP file and move the content of the plugins folder to the plugins folder of Flex Builder 2 / Eclipse. Then, close Flex Builder 2 / Eclipse and restart. The ZIP also contains a Test.mxml file which can be used to test the functionality.

**Download ?
** Download Flex Builder 2 Task Plugin 1.0.0

It works for Adobe Flex SDK 2, 2.0.1 and Flex 3, 3.0.1, 3.0.2