Yesterday I found a great site for Open Source projects built on Adobe technologys like AIR, Flex, ColdFusion eg.

Offcourse I forgot the internet address and could not find it in my history of my chrome browser.

I just could not stand it that I lost the URL to this great site. So this morning I started searching the internet for this site. It took me quite some while to find it but . I found it.

Now you can integrate existing or new open source projects in a centralized repository with simple functions and options. The RiaForge site provides a consolidated hosting environment that transcends tools, geographies and functional teams and enables more efficient use of your time and resources.

As the world becomes a truly collaborative development environment with open borders between heterogeneous tools and platforms, the use of tools like this needs to remain free of charge. So that’s what they have done.

Developers can freely create accounts on the RiaForge site and define new projects. Projects created there must be and will be open source, and will not be owned by Adobe. The exact open source license used for each project is up to the project lead, and must be clearly stated in the project description.

So if you like to contribute go to the RiaForge site. If you like to get some good RIA projects also go to the RiaForge site.