So you wanna use your Google Chrome Browser to debug Adobe Flex Web Applciations ?

Yes I know, Internet Explorer doesnt work since you start using Firefox and Google Chrome is so light that is just starts in seconds with one click.

Since developing flex at NL4B (NL for Business) I searched for a easy and fast way to test my Flex Apps. Hate IE / Internet Explorer in the mean time, Firefox well since chrome dont use it a lot anymore so I want to debug in Chrome ! Is that possible ? Yes it is.

To make Chrome your default External Web Browser in FlexBuilder just go to Window -> Preferences And then open up General and select Web Browser — just like you see in the image above. In my case I had to click the New button to add Chrome to the list.

Note: you need to add the -sandbox to the Parameters field.

Tada !!! And you are ready to go !

Oh… wait stop ! You don’t have the Adobe Flash Debug player for chrome yet ? Well there is no Adobe Flash Debug Player for Google Chrome. But… you can use the Flash Player debug version for FireFox ;-). If you need the debug player then go to the Adobe Flash Player Support Center.

There is one catch however… if you install the Flash Player debug version for FireFox you will get Adobe Flex debug / error messages in also.. if you don’t want that to happen keep on reading !

Heres what Dan Florio did:

  • Download the XPI archive of the Flash Player Plugin — you may need to right-click and save as to download
  • Rename the file from flashplayer-win.xpi to and then unzip the file
  • Now copy the flashplayer.xpt and NPSWF32.dll files into your FireFox plugins folder — which should be in %APPDATA%MozillaPlugins. It turns out that I didnt have plugins folder for FireFox so I made one. My path eneded up being: C:Documents and SettingsusernameApplication DataMozillaPlugins
    Once I copied those two files into that folder and restarted FireFox I had the regular Flash Player running in FireFox and the debug Flash Player running in Chrome. Just what I wanted.

Wow… debuggin with Google Chrome is the best thing ever.. and so fast !

Which is good because now you can do lots of debugging of your shitty-code. :-)

With special thanks to Dan Florio