If you created a PDF form with SAP Interactive Form by Adobe or with Adobe LiveCycle Designer you sometimes get a large form which in essention is just a small form. When creating forms for customers of NL for Business, I saw my form just get bigger and bigger when adding one or two more fields.

Well heres the number one TIP to get smaller files. Its a bit of a work when dealing with multi page or large number of fields / text pages but you will have to remove all the fonts from your fields, texts and other text objects and choose a Adobe font for it. Yes, I understand that sometimes this is not according to your layout specs, but let me give you a example. 1 form, 1 field, 1 text object. Lets take the font Arial for this job. (this font is not an Adobe font) Save it as Acrobat 7.0 Dynamic File will be : 213KB Now lets take a Adobe font for this form, lets take the “Minion Pro” font. Save the form as Acrobat 7.0 Dynamic File size will be : 143KB Hello . thats like 70KB less ! Now . lets add the same amount of text objects and text fields. And make half of them BOLD. Arial file size is . 413KB Minion Pro (an Adobe Font) is 280KB now we are talking about a difference of 133KB !!!!!! So, if you like to start making lightweight Adobe Forms start with choosing the right Adobe font for you. Adobe fonts start with the letter “a” (color red). Trust me you will find them in your Adobe LiveCycle Designer font window (SHIFT+F4).