Before you go from joomla! to Wordpress you have to reconsider really doing this. It took me about 2 days (2x 8 hours) and a big headache. I only had around 50 articles in Joomla! but it was enough to drive me crazy. Off course it is not only the post (articles in joomla!) that is the problem. Let’s only think about your links known by Google. When using sh404Sef in Joomla! I had a link like: < paging-and-filtering.html> in Wordpress this was < flex-datagrid/> So when searching in Google for Flex paging filtering it got me the wrong address and a 404 error. But that is not all, I also had search for a rating system, a contact form, a google xml map creator, a google verifiër, a google adsense plugin, a google analytics plugin, a twitter plugin, a plugin, a code editor plugin, a lightbox plugin and a linkedin plugin. The biggest problem off course was the import of my content from joomla to wordpress. I will tell you about that later in an other post. And last but not least… a template. Funny enough my Joomla! template was a rebuild of a Wordpress template. I changed quite a lot and did not want to do that again so I just picked another one. And it became this template. So if you are moving from joomla! to Wordpress, just try to consider not to (but I understand why you want to) and just read my other posts about this for a flawless … ahum… almost flawless joomla! to wordpress migration.