For a small project for NL4B I needed to have a org valau checker for Datefield, TextArea and Inputfield.

Standard there is no check on original and new value within these fields.

I don’t understand why this is not a standard in these field as everybody like to know if fields have changed right ?

So I started to build my extended Textinput, datefield and Textarea.

The idea is very simple.

You put some information in a Textinput, datefield or Textarea. And when the user changes the information of one of these fields you would like to check if it is changed.

Let’s say you only want to let the user “save” when something has changed. You could activate the Save button on a change event. But what if the user changes the change back to it’s original.

Well you want the save button to be disabled again right ?

And that is what these extended versions of Textinput, datefield and Textarea just do.

You insert an orgString, and if the get differ is 1 the value has been changed. if 0 it didn’t. Hell you can even check it your self with orgValue.

Wanna see it work ?

You can find the source on github!

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