Okay, you flex programmer must have had this problem.

You have a screen with lot’s and lot’s of input fields. And then you also want to have a textArea field.

Now textArea fields are big. Off course you can make them small, but then you can not really write in to them, and read out of them.

But what if you really need this field and you don’t have any more room to place a big textArea on your screen.

That’s when you start using my textArea Popup.

textArea popups are easy to use.

It’s just a small textArea and when you want to read something out of it or write something into it, you just doubleclick it and…… a popup appears with the text out of the parent textArea.

And when you write into this popup and close it the text will automatically appear into the parent textArea.

Confusing ? No just try it.


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