Yeahhhhhh, my first Joomla! extension can now be found on the Joomla! Extensions site. Well… first…. people who know me very well know that I used to have a lot of joomla! extensions that I sold by memberships. But I don’t do that no more. Now you can download them for a very very small fee (1 euro, is about 1dollar and 50 cents) And you are free to use them where you like. First I wanted to sell them 1 euro per used site. But the GPL that Joomla! now uses these days does not allow that. So if I wanted to have my extension on the Joomla! site I had to change my selling point. To bad I hoped that people would buy my extensions per used site. Now I just hope they come back a lot of times to download it over and over again. Which will cost them 1 euro each time they download. Well that is not true, you can download it twice for 1 euro. So start downloading ;-)