If you know Joomla! and you are selling stuff on the internet you know VirtueMart.

If you use virtuemart you know the nice little slimbox/lightbox product popups.

They come with the black transparent overlay, which you can change in the CSS.

But what if you want your customer / visitor to let the color change.

Is that possible? Yes it is!

Actually with a few changes to the code you can let your visitor even pick out of hundreds of colors (might be a bit over done, but it is possible)

In my demo I have only put in 3 colors. Which is quite enough for this little demo.

As you can see in the next few pictures there are 3 extra little square buttons in the popup.

A red, a green and a blue button.

If you press one of those buttons you will get a color change in the overlay.

If you change my code you can put in any color you like and as many colors as you like.

I have put a lot of effort in to changing this code. So please don’t mind me not giving away it just like that.

You can buy the code with explanation below.

If you would like me to install it on your server and make changes to it please contact me.

For a demo go here : http://snurl.eu/wgp3d

You can download the source from github!

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