Well today my colleque asked me why I have a link to “yourherbalcare.com” on my site.

I said, “I don’t have link to that site.”. He said, yes you have it’s below your “About the Author Box”, between tags.

I went into the sourcecode of my site, and yes there it was. It’s a hack of the developer of this plugin to use your site to promote his own.

Well, the “yourherbal care. com” is offline now but the link remains in your own site if you don’t remove it.

And here’s how you can remove it.

Open a FTP application to your site. And find /wp-content => /plugins =>/wp- author-bio

Open the following file with notepad or another text display application.

Go to line 24 and remove the following code. (as a mather of fact you can remove the whole of line 24).

http://yourh erbal care.com>Your Herbal Care

Save the file and put it back on your server where you found it.

That’s it !