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From Macbook to Chromebook

From Macbook to Chromebook

So I’ve quit my job! I had been thinking about it for a while, but a week or so ago I knew I was finished and had to move on.

I’ve been working for the last 6 years (maybe even more) with Macbooks. I hate how windows works (it doesn’t) and I just want a machine that does the job. So… quiting my job means handing over my Macbook. < !–more –> Yes, I felt pain. Yes, I felt agony….. but it wasn’t mine and my bosses had no intention of letting me keep it. So I left the building empty handed. Well only holding my messengerbag, my headset and a great Newton’s Cradle gift from my colleagues, which was a really great gift, but the big bosses left me empty handed and that felt a bit “not appreciated” for the last 3 years that I’ve worked really really hard for them.

What should I buy

So there I stood. No machine to work on… so it got me thinking. Do I really have to spend 1000 or 2000 or 3000 euro’s on a brand new Macbook. Or should I pay to much for a secondhand Macbook.

I did not want to work on a Windows machine… so what are the options? As I will be going by public transport a lot I need a laptop. And I want a laptop I can write code on!

I started reading al lot about what laptop to choose from like :

And then I started thinking…. Do I really need all that power within a laptop? Do I need virtualmachine? Do I need a big harddrive? A lot of Ram? Will I play games on it?

The answer was NO!

Chromebook power!

So I wanted a machine that would have a great boot time. I wanted a machine that would not have to update every 5 minutes (like windows does). I wanted a machine that could not be infected whit any next Wanna Cry Virus that would destroy my data. And I did not want to spend more than 300 euro’s!

Does that even exists?

Yes it does!

It’s called a Chromebook

Wait what? A Chromebook? Isn’t that a very cheap laptop that cann’t do shit when you have no internet?

Yes and NO.

So, I am working on a Chromebook right now. I just wrote some PHP code and pushed it to Git. I cropped some of my photos and added a nice blurry filter. I wrote a Word document and created a video intro for a new blog post.

On a Chromebook? Yes! On a Chromebook.

How to work on a Chromebook

So you must be wondering by now…. how on earth does we work on a chromebook.

Well the next couple of weeks I will tell you how I did this!

It’s possible! Not easy at first but you can do it if I can do it.

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